KOE Group has significant experience in designing and implementing flexible generation and operational solutions from a whole system down to a project level.

KOE Group have experience of development, construction and operation of over 600MW of distributed generation, in solar PV, energy storage, hybrid generation for off-grid and micro-grid’s. 

Land Owners

We develop long-term partnerships with our landowners, offering them a secure income which is fully funded by KOE Group.

If you’re a landowner looking for a new opportunity, hosting an energy project such as a solar farm, battery storage system or alternative clean energy generation installation which allows you to take advantage of a long-term revenue stream and maximise your land assets.

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Why should you consider hosting an energy development?

Index linked stable rental income, which can protect you from factors beyond your control , such as the unprecedented weather conditions or a increased operational cost, can unavoidably and significantly change the viability of your traditional business. An energy development offers the opportunity to secure part or all of your income at regular intervals, without the risk of seasonal variation.