New Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Platform

Platform for value creation and growth in energy storage accelerating the transition to Net Zero.

A net zero energy system is not just possible, it is already a reality.

The world has already seen a move away from fossil fuels, but that transition has been slow and painful. In order to accelerate the transition to a net zero energy system, we need to invest in infrastructure that bridges the gap between the energy that communities and businesses need and the intermittency inherent in renewable generation.

Through innovation in energy storage and optimisation, we can enable an energy network that runs entirely carbon free.

Investing in tomorrow

Powering a Changing World

Our mission is to provide a balance and stability needed for renewable energy technologies to thrive. We are committed to empowering the communities that depend on these technologies, and we make every decision with unshakeable ethical and sustainable values at the forefront.

The Energy Mix Challenge

The energy system is highly complex and must be considered as a whole.

There is a “trilemma” to solve to enable 2050 targets to be met – all must be solved simultaneously. This involves cost, security and decarbonisation.

Wind and Solar are intermittent, battery storage projects create grid security.

The National Grid’s target to decarbonise the grid by 2025. Entirely reliant on battery storage and largely the private sector to balance demand.

The Opportunity

KOE Group Platform is going to Build, Own, Operate & Maintain assets while working with the best energy trading firms to trade the assets to extract the best values.

What’s involved and what is KOE Group experience?

Decades of experience innovating and monetizing in the flexible energy industry.

Value creation:

BESS to provide grid support is a key piece of infrastructure, for the national grid.

KOE Group Platform for renewable assets which:

Project Origination & Development, Transaction Structuring, Portfolio management & Trading

How does KOE Group help the system?

The energy system is highly complex and we want to keep the balance.

Our Services

KOE Group provides bespoke services covering the following


Advisory and Consulting

Engagements with distribution and transmission utilities, focused on energy storage, flexible generation and network optimisation to power networks.

Technology Selection and Sourcing

Commercial support for key stages of project development and asset operation. Linking appropriate finance to projects and asset portfolios.


KOE Group has significant experience in designing and implementing flexible generation and operational solutions from a whole system down to a project level.